Friday, 12 July 2013

Lagoon Delights in Faro

By Keely Capel

Located that the southernmost tip of Portugal, the city of Faro is surrounded by lagoons, sweeping dunes and spotless beaches and is an area favoured as a holiday destination by nature lovers.

The Ria Formosa national park is a collection of islands that reach the sea through inlets, protected from the sea by 60 kilometres of beaches and sand dunes. There are several tours operated from Tavira, Faro and Olhão to the Ria Formosa, or alternatively tourists can book a boat tour and enjoy viewing the landscape, from the comfort of a sunset cruiser.

The beaches surrounding the city of Faro often attract jet skiers, wind surfers and swimmers, while boating enthusiasts take their craft on the lagoon through canal mazes, marshlands and between sand bars that glitter in the sun. Ideal for bird watchers there are hundreds of migratory birds, and in particular, flamingos that nest in the marshland. The adventurous can take a trip out to the isolated Barreta Island or Deserted Island.

Without a doubt, a holiday on the coast of Portugal should be spent by the sea, on the sand, in the sun, and two of the best beaches to visit in Faro are Praia de Faro and Praia da Culatra. Culatra is an island to the east of Faro that can be reached by ferry, and which offers both lagoon and beach landscape; popular for families who enjoy the wooden walkways and scenic shoreline.

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