Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Difference between a Holiday Auction and a Holiday Auction

By Keely Capel

In the work that I do for I have come to notice that when you enter the term holiday auction or holiday auctions into a search engine such as Google or Bing, the results you get can be somewhat confusion.  If as an experienced member of the holiday rental industry I myself have noticed this, then I am convinced that dozens of holiday makers and holiday rental owners will undoubtedly have noticed the same thing.  This is what has led me to write today’s post.

The word holiday can have several meanings, particularly depending on which side of the Atlantic you reside. In the UK for instance the word holiday is defined in the Oxford dictionary as: (often holidays) an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling: I spent my summer holidays on a farm.

However hop across to the USA and the word holiday takes on a completely different meaning with the Cambridge dictionary defining it as; a day for celebration when many people are allowed to stay away from work or school: a national holiday.

Now search engines are very clever things and are constantly looking at ways to refine the search results to ensure that they provide you with the most are relevant and useful information. This is just as true when you search the term holiday auction, however due to the language difference with the use of the word holiday; holiday auction will return you both travel auctions and speciality holiday auctions which could be based around a national holiday such as thanks giving or Christmas. So what is the difference?

A holiday auction or travel auction as it can often be referred to, will offer you the opportunity to book and secure holiday accommodation, holiday rental properties, package holidays or flights to a selection of destinations. These holiday auctions are not tied to any national holiday for their promotion; they could and can offer you a wide variety of dates for availability and any time of year for any duration and in various countries would wide.  This type of holiday auction, is the type that runs offering a select duration in holiday villas and apartments worldwide. You just pick your location, dates or rental property preference search our selection and place a bid on the one that is most appealing.

The other type of holiday auction will normally be focused around a specific date, are often charity events and generally have nothing to do with holiday accommodation or travel. These holiday auctions are called such because they are run at a time when there is some from on national holiday taking place and the auction lots can vary greatly from electronic items, day experiences to services and events. They are not travel auctions generally do not feature travel within their auction lots (although you may find occasionally some may) and are literally running for a very short period to cover whichever impending national holiday is about to take place.

Now when working through the search engines search results for the term holiday auction or holiday auctions, how do you know to spot the difference? 

My suggestion to you is to take a few moments to read the title provided in the search result and if that doesn’t make it clear, read the snippet of text directly below. If you are text stating bid on a fixed number of items,  promoting you to help raise money for charity, or listing auction lots such as lunches, shows or experiences then the chances are these are the holiday auctions you are not looking for.

If on the other hand they state things like buy a holiday, book a flight, travel deals and so forth than this the type you should be looking for. 

However if you are searching from the USA or other places that commonly use the American form of English my advice to you would be to try altering your search term to Vacation Auction or Vacation Auctions as this is the most commonly used word for a leisure holiday or travel trip as opposed to holiday auction and you should find this will filter out the charity events.

It is also worth mentioning that you could try Travel auctions as these term is quite often used by travel companies who run holiday auctions also. However this may be travel experiences or package trips, so again it will depend on what you are searching you.

Yet to really refine the results of a search engine to ensure you are definitely search for holiday auctions that revolve around holiday accommodation, and other travel elements, why not enter the following search term “holiday+travel+vacation+auctions”

Good Luck and I hope you will take the opportunity to experience booking your next trip using a holiday auction.