Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Booking a Last Minute Deal on Holiday Lettings

By Keely Capel 

If you haven’t done this before, then booking a last minutedeal on holiday lettings, could leave you scratching your head. There are several methods that will work for finding the best last minute deals, however one thing you may need is time. 

Depending on how much time you can invest in searching out and booking your last minute deal you may choose one of the following options: 

If time is not limited, pick the most appealing holidaylettings websites and begin to scroll through the various destinations and properties types they have available. When you find a property that catches your attention take a few minutes to look through the description, noting its location, price and number of bedrooms and make a note of the property reference number.  It may also be an idea to look at the booking calendar to ensure the dates you want are still available. Repeat this number of times until you have a good selection of options that fit with the type of holiday you are looking for.  Now using the property reference numbers go back to each property and contact the owner via the holiday letting site. When you do, you want to make sure you are clear on the dates you want and ask if there are any last minute deals being offered on the availability; If you don’t ask you may not get.   

This is why I stated the need for time, scrolling through what can sometime be hundreds if not thousands of properties will require a good amount of time, if not a lot of patience. You will also need to wait on the holiday letting company or owner to answer the phone, return your message or respond to your email.
One note to be aware of also, is that not everyone is great at keeping their booking calendars up to date, so you may find several holidaylettings you have selected are already booked. Hence its best to compile a list of your favourite 10 at least so as not be disappointed. 

Alternatively, if you have neither the time nor the patience, then my recommendation would be to refine your search. Pick a destination and determine the type of accommodation you want before you even begin your search. Set out what you want as a minimum from your last minute deal and what would be the absolute best deal you could want to achieve. Now using this information visit a selection of holiday lettings websites and check if they have a last minute deals section. If they don’t move on for now; it’ll save you time in the long run.  Use holiday lettings sites that don’t just advertise the holiday properties listings and rely on the owner to update an availability calendar manually. Look for holiday lettings sites that offer live availability, like does. This means that when you find a property that interests you, you can be sure it is available for the dates you want.  Some holiday lettings sites will advertise fixed prices, others will offer discounts and some will offer auctions like we do. Which every you choose, if you are checking live availability you can make you short list of properties knowing you can secure a booking on any and then just pick the best one. Click the book now button and make a reservation immediately online using your credit card. Hey pesto! You have booked you last minute deal on a holiday letting.

I certainly believe the second method is a lot quicker and stress free, allowing you to have booked your last minute deal within only a short period of time having searched out and found what you are looking for.  But if time is not an issue than feel free to use the first option, just be prepared that it may be several days before you can relax in the knowledge that you have finally booked for last minute holiday letting. 

To find last minute deals on holiday lettings, please take a look at our homepage, which offers all the latest deals.

Monday, 18 March 2013

What's currently available in Holiday Auction

We have written a lot recently about what a holiday auction is, how to use them and the benefits of booking a holiday rental in a holiday auction. So today we thought we would give you a sneak peek at a selection of fantastic holiday properties currently on offer in our holiday auctions.

Holiday Apartment in Egypt, Red Sea,  El Gouna West Golf - Ref EG1600.101.1

2 Bedroom Apartment in Egypt, Sleeps 4
Set on the first floor, in a quiet sunny position the apartment is just 30m from the lake. This apartment in El Gouna west golf, will offer you two double bedrooms with one en-suite and is within a very short distance of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and the beach.

Travel Date: 27th April - 4th May

Current Bid: £503

Holiday Auction Ends in: 13 hours, 19 minutes

View this rental holiday now or place a bid on this holiday auction.

Holiday Village in Spain, Inland Andalucia, Granada Guadix - Ref ES5060.100.5

3 Bedroom house in Spain, Sleeps 6
This beautiful rustic house is set in a holiday village that offers 23 unique caves which are a historical part of the residential area dating back to XVI century. Offering all the modern comforts, in a peaceful setting where you can enjoy the outside adventures on offer and the Parque Natural de Sierra Nevada. 

Travel Date: 23rd -30th March 

Current Bid: £884

Holiday Auction Ends in: 1 day, 2 hours 

Holiday Villa in Austria, Salzburg - Ref


2 Bedroom Villa in Austria, Sleeps 4
This historical villa is located next door to the Hellbrunn Palace, and dates from the 19th century. Set within the countryside with a sunny position, the villa is close to shops and amenities and is located in one of the most prestigious areas of Salzburg. 

Travel Dates: 19th -26th April 

Current Bid: £386

Holiday Auction Ends in: 1 day, 4 hours

Holiday Apartment in Spain, Tenerife, Callao Salvaje - Ref


1 bedroom apartment in Tenerife, Sleeps 3
Set within an apart-hotel, the complex offers a host of amenities on-site included a reception, bar, games room and shops as well as being only 300 metres from the sandy beach. The resort also offers the possibility of upgrading to bed and breakfast or half board. 

Travel Dates: 06th - 13th April 

Current Bid: £288

Holiday Auctions Ends In: 15 hours 

This is just a small hand picked selection of the rental auctions currently running on, however to search more holiday properties in holiday auction, please visit our site



Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What are Holiday Rentals?

Holiday rentals are privately owned villas or apartments that are rented out for short periods as holiday accommodation. Generally located in popular holiday destinations around the world, holiday properties offer you the opportunity to experience a different style of holiday to those traditionally offered by hotels and tour packages. 

Rental holidays have become increasingly popular over the last ten years and now account for over 58% of holiday accommodation booked by Europeans (Eurostats) and there is a growing following of people who have ditched hotels and package holidays for good as a result.

Often advertised as holiday apartments or villa rentals, they give you the opportunity to enjoy a home away from home, with all the amenities you have come to expect from your own home.  Ranging from a beachfront studio apartment that sleeps two, to large mansion styled villas set in the rolling countryside and accommodating groups of sometimes 15 or more. There is now a wide variety of holiday properties being advertised for rental. 

The origins of holiday rentals comes from those who purchased a 2nd home overseas for their own personal use, and either choose to share this experience with others, or opted to rent their holiday property out so as to generate an additional income, perhaps to cover the running costs of owning the property.

Owners who have bought holiday properties will have selected their property based on the qualities of its location and the holiday experience or tourism facilities available in the local area. This is why they make excellent holiday accommodation for you to rent as you can be assured you will receive everything you expect from the location, just as you would from booking a hotel as your holiday accommodation in the same area. 

However as these holiday properties are owned by individuals, you must keep in mind that what one person seeks from their holiday accommodation could be completely different to another. Hence such as wide selection of rental apartments and villas are now available. 

If you are looking for a beach holiday you would be wise to avoid a villa rental set in the countryside as this could be anything from 30 minutes to several hours from the nearest beach. Equally if you are planning a tranquil holiday then you wouldn’t want to book a rental apartment in a busy or lively holiday resort or city. 

Yet the best thing about holiday rentals is that the owners will willing share with you all the benefits that are on offer to you in you chose their holiday accommodation and are unlikely to withhold information on things such as distances to amenities and beaches as this would result in them receiving complaints that they would need to resolve.

Normally managed by the owners themselves or a agent acting on the owners behalf, means that you are not lost within a huge corporation and various third parties and can generally speaking quickly and directly to the person responsible for the holiday accommodation, allowing you piece of mind.  The other great thing about rental properties is that a lot of business is driving by reviews from others who have previously used them meaning you will likely find some very honest information available on all rental holidays. All of this added up to ensure you receive the very best holiday accommodation and an excellent holiday experience. 

To start searching for holiday rentals, why not visit now.

Monday, 11 March 2013

The New Way to Book Rental Holidays

Rental holidays have their own unique following. Once a rental holiday is experienced, most become lifelong fans and many would never consider any other type of holiday than a rental holiday. 

For those who have yet to experience it, rental holidays offer you a truly new way of enjoying and relaxing on your down time.  A home away from home if you like, with everything at your fingertips that you would want. Plus the added benefit of the privacy and personal touch a rental property can offer. 

Normally located in excellent positions whether be close to the beach and resort activities or nestled away in a cozy quiet spot. Holiday rentals started with private advertisements in local papers and specialty magazines. However with the raise of the internet and people becoming more adventurous in tailor-making their holiday experience, a number of dedicated holiday rental website began to spring up, to help accommodate the needs of people seeking private holiday accommodation which was also facilitated by the availability of low cost airfares to almost anywhere in the world. 

Nowadays is has become the norm for people to visit one or more of these rental holiday website to seek out the holiday rental that best suits their requirements. However there are several downsides that have emerged with the grown of the rental holiday industry. 

These include lack of updated availability, with many property managers or home owners neglecting to keep their listings current with updated booking calendars and a marked increase in pricing driving by the growing demand for rental holidays. 

Holiday auctions take all the good points booking  rental holidays and try to eliminate the bad as much as possible. With a holiday auction you can be sure that the rental holiday you are bidding on is truly available right there and then in real time, rather than having to email or call the owner to confirm this before you book; saving you time and allowing you to make a booking almost instantly. Another added benefit of a holiday a auction is that you can have control over the price paid. Holiday auctions are all about bidding at a price you feel is fair and reflects what is on offer, as oppose accepting a fix priced set on advertisement. 

Plus they are fun! 

Holiday auctions allow you to pitch one holiday property against the other and wait it out so that you can get a price that fits with you budget. They are about making it quick and easy for you to see exactly what is available on your chosen dates and in your preferred location and are a great way to have a bit of fun whilst you make your next rental holiday reservation. Often a holiday auction will present you with an excellent opportunity to confirm top quality holiday accommodation that on more traditional rental holiday websites may have been priced outside of your budget or to explore new and exciting destinations at a price so reasonable that you can bring out the adventurer in you and perhaps escape to new locations more than just a handful of time a year. 

Whether you are an experienced holiday renter or not, you should as a minimum experience a holiday auction for at least one rentalholiday. We’d love to know if you enjoy it as much as we do!

Friday, 8 March 2013

What is a Holiday Auction and How Does it Work?

By Keely Capel

Holiday auctions have become increasingly popular over the recent years, with travel auctions offering everything from event tickets, flights, holiday accommodation to complete packaged holidays. Yet many people still don’t really know what a holiday auction is or how it works. 

Traditional auctions have been around for years with most towns having at least one auction house, where lotes are displayed for viewing ahead of auction day, and when that day comes around interested parties place their bids either in a live environment or remotely by phone competing against others until their bid wins or they reach their pre-determined limited on what they are prepare to offer for the item.

Holiday Auctions or Travel Auctions as they are often referred to are not much different. However with over 68% of people now searching for and booking their holidays online, the internet has facilitated auctions like nothing before. Not travel related but possible the most well-known online auction company is eBay. 

Individual users and companies upload their products to listing pages, giving details of the item for sale, payment methods accepted and any conditions to the purchase. These are then displayed in a live auction format on the internet for anyone to view and bid on.  Auctions can run for a variety of lengths, some for just a matter of hours, whilst other can run for days and even weeks at a time. Throughout the set time frame people can freely place a bid on the interested item. Should they be outbid by another they simply return to the auction page and place another bid and so on until the auction draws to a close and the last person to place the highest bid wins. 

This principal has been taken and applied to so many different industries and Holiday auctions are one of them. The main difference with a holiday auction is that they item you purchase will not be delivered to your home and you will not be able to touch or feel it until you arrive at the chosen destination.  You may need to do your research first to be sure that the country and location of the holiday fits with your needs and requirements, however this is really no different to researching and booking a normal holiday whether online or with a travel agent. 

Travel Auctions will offer live availability and individual auctions tend to run for short periods of time, due to the holiday possibly being last minute, a cancellation or simply to ensure that the availability remains in place for the winner. 

As said before travel auctions can vary from flight only, accommodation only to complete packages so make sure you know what you are bidding on and ensure you have located transportation to the destination or accommodation if it is not a complete package. Due to the short periods of time holiday auctions run for, you should have no problem matching these elements up to fit with one another. 

If you are successful in securing the winning bid on a holiday auction you will receive a booking confirmation straight away to confirm what you have booked and method of payment. Flight tickets, accommodation instructions or keys will generally not be released to you until you have made full payment, if the holiday auction you won is last minute this will be instantly, if dates of the holiday are still some way off then it may be you are asked for a deposit to secure the holiday after winning the travel auction with full payment due 8 weeks before you are due to depart. At this time you will receive all your booking information ready for your trip. 

A lot of reputable travel companies offer holiday auctions and you will always be able to find contact information and details of the company offering the holiday auctions, if you are seeking peace of mind before bidding.  As with any purchase on the internet it is always advisable to confirm whom the company is before parting with money, however there are now a number of safeguards in place for transacting online to ensure you do not get caught out. 

If bidding on a holiday auction sounds interesting, then we would highly recommend you check out some of our latest holiday auctionsavailable now.