Friday, 28 June 2013

Booking a Cancellation Holiday in Greece

By Keely Capel 

If you are seeking a great deal on a holiday to Greece and would be happy to book a holiday rental, then you really should consider search holiday auctions for cancellation holidays available in Greece.

Covering both mainland Greece and the Greek islands, we offer a wide selection of holiday properties many of which are spare or cancelled holiday availability. What does this mean for you?

Well if your seeking to get the very best price on a last minute holiday to Greece and you are able to find and secure your flights, then our holiday auctions will allow you to find and secure you holiday accommodation, which could be just a fraction of the cost you may have paid if you were to have booked your holiday six months out or through the more traditional method of a package holiday with a tour operate.

We have such a great selection of holiday rentals in our holiday auctions not only for the next week or two but also for dates way in advance, however if you are currently seeking to obtain a good price by booking a cancellation holiday to Greece, then please do take a moment to visit our site as we offer holiday apartments in crete, Villas in Zante and everything in between. With prices starting from as little as £325 for a weeks apartment rental then it is definitely worth a look! 

Holiday Properties Available in Greece

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What type of holiday rentals will you find in a holiday auction?

By Keely Capel
Booking a holiday rental is not a new idea, it’s something that many people have been doing for years. Booking your break through a travel auction is also nothing new, has been offering holidays in auctions since the 80’s.

However booking a holiday rental in a holiday auction is fairly unique and whilst it has grown in popularity over recent years many people still wonder as to what type of holiday rental they may be able to secure in a holiday auction and if indeed they will still get the same level of quality and value for money as when a booking holiday properties in the more traditional methods.

So today we thought we would give you an insight in to what types of holiday rentals you can secure in a holiday auctions, what holiday dates are offers and whether booking in a holiday auction will give you more money for your pound. Below is a selection of holiday rentals that we have featured available to book in recent weeks:

Apartment rental in Spain

Santa Margarita, Costa Brava  
2 Bedroom Apartment 
29th June-06th July 2013

Bid on a holiday rental in Italy

 Sorrento, Italy
Rustic 1 Bedroom 
20th-27th September 2014

Book a holiday rental in Greece

Crete, Greece
2 Bedroom villa 
28th September- 5th October 
Book a holiday property in Florida

Key Largo, Florida, USA
2 Bedroom Apartment 
17th -24th August 2013 
Book a rental property in Egypt£682

Red Sea, Egypt
2 Bedroom Apartment 
29th June - 06th July

If you like what you have seen above, then we have plenty more holiday rentals available in holiday auction. We offer holiday properties worldwide to ensure you find your perfect accommodation, so please visit our website now.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Booking a City Break: What Accommodation is best?

Rent an apartment for a city break
By Keely Capel

If you’re planning a city break and want a change to the normal city centre hotels, then a city rental is an ideal option.

Depending on how you plan on spending your time on your city break will play a major factor in which type of rental accommodation you will end up choosing.  You may want to be in the thick of it, with the bustling street life at your doorstep, shops, restaurants and nightlife all within a few hundred yard. However not everyone wants to be in the midst of the mayhem most cities thrive on, for some being able to step out of the madness at the end of the day and relax and unwind is key to the enjoyment of a city break.

Rental holidays in some of the world’s biggest and best cities can offer you a great variety and ensure whether you choose the mid-town city apartment or suburban townhouse rental, that you’re left feeling like you have a home from home.

Often when people look to take a city break their thoughts will be on finding a good hotel, however city centre hotels can often be poky and expensive. With a city apartment you can still be in some of the best locations in the city, except when you come back at the end of the day you’ll have space to really enjoy.

For those who want to enjoy every minute in their choose city, then a city apartment is the perfect choice. City apartments are often found in areas that are central to all the important activities you will want to enjoy and in many instances you’ll find you are better positioned to enjoy all the aspects of the city than if you booked a hotel.  They will be located not only where the locals want to live but also where the big hotel chains wished they could construct a hotel. City apartments may offer you proximity to the amenities, breath taking city views and all important transport connections.

However if these all sound a little too hectic for you, then you should consider a holiday rental property located on the outskirt of town. Here you will likely find more space and freedom, often in a suburban area which will offer great transport links in and out of the city. If you are planning a city break as a family then this would be ideal, as you will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city but without having to worry about late night noise disturbing you or the kids. Often with a city rental like this you will find some great parks or recreational facilities nearby that you can also enjoy in hitting the centre that day doesn’t take your fancy.

 The cost of a city rental can also work out very cheap in comparison to hotels, especially when travelling as a group or family, as you would often find that you require more than one hotel room to accommodate you all, where as a city apartment or rental property will allow you to all enjoy once another’s company whilst giving you all some space. Additionally the price is often less than the two plus hotel rooms you may have had to book.

For more information on city rental accommodation, please take a look at our website.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Where in the World to book a holiday rental

By Keely Capel

Holiday Rentals are still a new concept to many, although in existence now for over a decade there are still many people who have yet to experience holidaying in rental properties. Or perhaps you have?

I know many people who have taken a holiday in a privately booked apartment or villa in Spain but who do not know or realise that holiday rentals are now the world over.  Which has compelled me to write today’s article as I do not believe holiday properties get the coverage they need or deserve. I often find when talking to people about rental holidays that many are surprised to find just all the different destinations you can experience in private holiday accommodation.

So whilst areas in mainland Europe such as Spain, Portugal, Greece or Germany may be well known. There are sure to be several locations that may surprise you.

How about one of the smallest countries in the world; Luxembourg?  As the only remaining Grand Duchy, is offers a unique blend of bustle and beauty. With its fairy-tale castles, it is also one of the richest countries in the world and renting a holiday home here will guarantee an absolutely amazing trip for all.

Or perhaps Slovakia may appeal to you. Buried deep within central Europe it is steeped with history and heritage and offers amazing countryside in which to explore, meaning it caters for many whether seeking a city break or a country escape.

Perhaps you wish to wonder further afield and explore long haul destinations.

Then maybe you’d like to rent a beach hut in Thailand or an island villa in Sri Lanka or maybe just an entire private ideal in Fiji?

Each year the world is becoming a smaller place and airlines make it easier to travel. If you have a destination in mind then I am confident of guaranteeing to you that there will be holiday properties available to rent.

Having literally scraped but a small surface on the variety of holiday rental destinations, I know feel compelled to expand on this post over the coming months, in the hope of giving people some inspiration on where in the world to book their next holiday rental. So please check back for more.

However in the meantime, please feel free to check our holiday destination guides for more inspiring ideas on where you book a holiday rental

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Booking a Beach Holiday: What Accommodation is best

By Keely Capel

If you’re planning a beach break this summer you may be meet with a huge amount of choice when it comes to the holiday properties on offer. Sometimes advertised as beach rentals, rental holidays that are based near a beach can really return a mixed bag leaving you scratching you head as to which to choose.

The most luxurious beach holiday properties will be those located directly on the beach with some form of direct access. However these will come with a price tag to reflect their dream location, so you need to be prepared for rental rates that could run into the several thousand for the week.  Yet if you are looking for a high end rental holiday with stunning sea views, the sound of waves crashing at your window and no commute to the beach this is definitely the holiday rental for you.

If you not able to extend your budget to encompass a high end luxury beach front rental, do not fear there are also several great alternatives. Holiday villas based within a coastal resort, will give you the space, freedom and privacy just like a beachfront property will. But you may need to compromise on the distance to the beach. Some holiday properties will still be within a 5 – 10 minute walking distance, but if you really want to see value for money with a villa rental, than look at holiday properties located a 5 – 10 minute drive from the beach. 

Villa rental holidays are great if you are planning a family beach holiday, as they will give you plenty of room for everyone, so the kids can run around whilst mum and dad relax. The added benefit is that many will come with a private pool, so when your back from a long day at the beach sunning yourself, you can cool off and unwind undisturbed perhaps even with a cold beer or glass of wine.

For those wanting to be closer to the action and near to the beach, then a holiday apartment would be the perfect holiday rental to choose. You will easily find a great selection of holiday apartments within any beach resort that will be within walking distance to the beach and the all local amenities. Great for couples, apartments can also work well for families. Most will offer a communal pool, which will allow the kids to continue to play once you return from your beach day.

As a couple you will find a holiday rental apartment can work well, there are plenty of spacious options so you are not trip one another up, but will allow you to enjoy one-an-others company whilst mixing and mingling with others. 

Which every holiday accommodation you choose for your beach holiday, be sure to check that it is actually near to the beach. The last thing anyone on a beach holiday really wants is to spend half an hour each day in a hot sticky car to reach it!

For more information of the various types of beach holiday rentals our holiday properties guides will help you choose which will work for you.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Protect yourself from Holiday Cancellation

By Keely Capel
When booking a holiday rental, you need to factor in that each element of your holiday is separate; therefore if you miss your flight due to an air controller strike, you are unlikely to get your accommodation refunded or your dates shifted.

There are so many things that can go wrong even if you were booking a package holiday that you need to ensure you have yourself covered in the event of cancellation.  Whether it’s due to personal sickness, accident, emergency or down to events outside of your control such as airline strikes, freak acts of nature or companies going bust.

Ensuring you protect yourself from holiday cancellation is like being able to predict the unseen. 

Whilst most travel agents and tour operators in the UK protect their passengers by bonding themselves with ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) or ATOL (Air Travel organisers licensing) not all do, and if you are booking each element of your holiday independently you may find that there are gaps in which you may not be covered.

This is why you should always take up a travel insurance policy in addition to any coverage offered by the companies you use to book, as it will offer you protection for areas that you may not be covered for. However opting for the cheapest policy going, may not give you the level of protection you are expecting so always be sure to check the small print.

The key areas you need to ensure you holiday insurance policy covers to ensure you protect yourself from holiday cancellations are:

Flight Protection – ensuring you are covered if the airline you are traveling with should fail.

Delay and Cancellation – meaning that if you find your trip cancelled or delayed that you will receive compensation. You should also ensure this covers you if you miss your flight due to your own fault.

These two elements are essential to help you avoid incurring additional costs, or loss of money due to an unexpected cancellation.

It is also wise to take out this insurance as soon as you have made your travel arrangements, so ensure you are covered from that moment on. If you wait to activate your insurance policy until a later day, you will not be covered for events that take place between the booking for your holiday and the when the policy starts. So there is no point in waiting until an air strike is scheduled as the insurance companies will not pay out if this impacts your trip if you waited until it happened to take the policy.

To find  you next holiday, search our Holiday Auctions which feature a number last minute holiday cancellations 

Friday, 14 June 2013

How to Find the Perfect Holiday Rental

By Keely Capel

Holiday requirements vary from person to person and family to family, however whether you are looking for a week of relaxation in the sun, an active adventure or a cultural experience, your holiday property itself will play a major part of your rental holiday.
One of the key things to focus on when booking your holiday rental is location; research the exact locations of the holiday properties you are looking at. Online descriptions and photos are the place to start but they may not tell you everything you need to know about what surrounds the rental properties. Try researching the area using Google and Google maps, if possible speak to the holiday rental owner or as a minimum the company advertising the holiday properties to get a better sense of what amenities are within reach and whether you will be walking distance from things like the town centre or beach. 

Also find out what neighbours the holiday properties, are they next to others or set alone, this can play a factor in the enjoyment of your time spent there, as you don’t want to be surrounded by noisy children if you are trying to have a romantic break, but equally you don’t want to have to tell your kids to keep it down every five minutes if you’re on a family summer holiday.
Take time to check the size of holiday properties and how many people they sleep, will everyone have a proper bed and bedroom or will you end up with someone sleeping on a sofa bed in the middle of the lounge? If you are travelling with children, are there rooms close enough together for young ones or far enough apart for teenagers to have their own space. Also check things like access, if you have buggy’s or a wheelchair you don’t want to be struggling with hundreds of steps up to the holiday rental.
If you are a family you may prefer to be located on a complex where there are others, that may offer onsite facilities and activities, so that the children can go out and play whilst the parents relax, or you may be looking for a large stand-alone villa where the entire family can stay and just splodge out. If you are a group of friends you may enjoy the downtime together sharing the costs and the catering can make a large villa a cost effect solution. But if you have active or sun bunnies amongst you and what to take advantage of the beach and watersports, you could find you are too far out from these for those members of the group to wonder out and explore alone.
You also need to take in to consideration the costs, is the price advertised all you need to pay or are you going to be finding yourself paying out of additional extras along the way? Whilst most rental holidays in Europe will include the cost of linen into the overall price; not all do. Make sure you haven’t got to pay supplements for bedding, air conditioning or pool heating and if you do, know how much before you book and add thes into your rental cost to be sure they come within budget.  Also think about travel costs, can you fly or drive directly to your holiday rental or will you need to hire a car once there, will you have to pay daily for a taxi to get you to and from the nearest resort. These are all factors you should consider if you want to ensure you find your prefect rental holiday.
To explore all the different types of holiday properties you could book for your ideal rental holiday, please take a look at our holiday accommodation descriptions on

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Picture Book: Holiday Rental Inspiration

By Keely Capel

Sometime when planning your next holiday rental you need a little inspiration as to where to go or what type of holiday accommodation to book. Today I thought I would provide this for you in the form on pictures, giving an idea of some of the wonder holiday homes we feature on our website.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Steps to Booking Holiday Rentals Successfully

How to take the stress out of your holiday rental booking

Once clients know the advantages of renting a private home, you'd be hard-pressed to convince them to put their family of four back into a hotel room.

First, there's convenience. Multiple bedrooms plus a family room equals a better night's sleep, and plenty of breathing room. Then there's price, many clients find it's cheaper to rent a two-bedroom home than pay for two hotel rooms and, even if you only eat breakfast in, you save money by having a kitchen. Don't overlook the little details that make your stay easier as well, like having 24 glasses on hand instead of four, bath towels bigger than wash cloths and  puzzles on hand for rainy days.

To get the best accommodation for you and make your holiday booking successful use this handy checklist
Before you book, don't pay a penny until you confirm the following:  How to contact the owner, how and when payments are due, how and when to check in and out, how and when your safety deposit will be refunded, cancellation policy, ask if there are additional fees, such as for bringing a pet, using the pool, or cleaning and if you have young children, ask whether the property has anything that might pose a safety threat to them. 

Don't pack what you won't need. Ask if there is there a DVD player and what movies are on hand. Are there board games, beach towels or buckets and spades for the beach ad where can you find them.

Who should you contact if there's a problem with the property, is there a local contact for back-up? Is there mobile phone reception and Internet access? 

Take advantage of the owner's local knowledge. Ask for recommendations  for great restaurants and coffee shops. Favored supermarkets, not-to-be-missed scenic and recreational spots, hiking trails and golf courses. Non-tourist or off-the-beaten path activities and any other inside scoop the owner might share to help your family make the most of your time away. 

To explore holiday rentals, find and book your next holiday property, please visit 

Friday, 7 June 2013

The Difference between Hotels, Serviced Apartments and Holiday Rentals

Hotel, apartment, rental … what’s the difference?

When booking a holiday sometimes the amount of choice of accommodation and terminology used can leave you in a state where you need a holiday to get over booking your first one. 

The three main types of holiday accommodation are hotels, serviced apartments and holiday rentals – here you’ll find an easy to read explanation of the difference between the three.

Starting with a hotel. This is probably the oldest form of holiday accommodation and the easiest to understand. A hotel room is just that – a room. Years ago the room would be basic, with just a bed, cupboard, small table and washstand. Today, hotels have moved on offering modern facilities, en-suite bathrooms, television and mini-bars and in more luxury hotels you’ll find bathrobes, slippers and smellies in the bathroom.

Over the last few years more unusual forms of hotels have cropped up  offering alternative type accommodation from the run of the mill hotel room. Examples include the Maya Guesthouse in Nax Mont-Noble in the Swiss Alps, at an altitude of 1,300 meters is the first hotel in Europe built entirely with straw bales. The Null Stern Hotel in Teufen, Switzerland is a former nuclear bunker which has been transformed into a hotel and possibly the most famous one is the Ice Hotel in JukkasjÀrvi, Sweden, which melts every spring and is rebuilt each winter.

A serviced apartment is a type of furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stays, which provides amenities for daily use. These can be less expensive than hotel rooms and you benefit from more space, privacy and having kitchen facilities means that you can opt for eating in instead of eating out making an instant saving - if you fancy it. Because of the availability of kitchen facilities in the apartments, normally there are no extra services on offer, such as restaurants and bars. However, some serviced apartments have been built into existing four or five star hotels, and guests in these apartments can make full use of the hotel's facilities at no extra charge.

Holiday rentals are usually privately owned holiday homes, so the variety of accommodation is broad - budget studio apartments to lavish, expensive private villas in some of the world's most desirable locations, some with pricetags of many thousands per night and all the amenities you would find in any luxury accommodation (fully staffed, private beaches, boats, chefs, cooking lessons, etc.) to cater to the guests. The property is fully furnished, a home away from home and, unlike hotels where you can book in for just a few days, holiday rentals are normally rented for weekly stays.

To find a variety of holiday accommodation types available for rental, please visit

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Different Types of Holiday Accommodation Available to Book

By Keely Capel

Booking your holiday can be stressful enough to warrant booking another one just so you can relax! However with such a wide variety of holiday accommodation options available, knowing what you want and what is available can prove all too much for many of us. Whilst I cannot promise this article will guarantee a 100% stress free experience, I hope it will go some way to help eliminate some of that stress and ensure you have a great booking experience and an excellent holiday.
When it comes to rental holidays, the variety of holiday accommodation on offer is endless that’s why I have put together a glossary of terms below:

Holiday accommodation is the broad term used for any kind of lodging available for short term rental that you can use for holidays.
Holiday apartments are generally built in blocks or condominiums which share facilities like gardens, swimming pools and in some cases, gyms, tennis courts and playgrounds. They offer a range of bedroom sizes from Studios which are open planned living and sleeping areas  up to 4 + bedrooms which could sleep over 8 people. Often located closer to the action or within the centre of a holiday resort or city, they will put you near to amenities but you will need to be prepared for neighbours and the noises you will find by being in close proximity to others and facilities.
Holiday villas will normally be detached or semi-detached however the size of the garden or land can vary greatly, as to can the location of the property. Holiday villas can be located in communal areas grouped together with similar properties and sharing facilities and sometimes even swimming pools. Or they can be completely private with their own garden and pool based in a residential area with neighbouring house, or in rural locations where the nearest neighbour is a 10 minute drive away. It is always a good idea to check the description of the property to determine this and to see if there are any tell-tale signs in the photographs. Villas Rentals make are an excellent choice for families or groups as they will offer you the space to enjoy your holiday without tripping over one another or someone sleeping in the lounge.
Holiday chalets can often be advertised as ski chalets as they can be found in the ski regions such as the Alps, Switzerland or Austria, however they are not just for a ski holiday. Holiday Chalets are traditionally wooden houses or cottages that have overhanging eaves and generally located within a countryside setting.  Sometimes isolated, you will more likely find that chalets are grouped together with your neighbours being within a few hundred yards of you, yet the space and greenery around you will stop you from feeling hemmed in.
Country cottages are general small and simply and may not offer you more than 4 bedrooms as the very most, although some have been modernised to accommodate large groups. They are often found in a village setting or within a farm environment or estate. Historically used as workers accommodation, they are modest yet ample and provide a cosy atmosphere and possibly and open fire for you to enjoy and relax within.
If you would like to explore the various types of holiday accommodation available for rental holidays, Visit for more information on holiday accommodation types.