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Online marketplace for holiday rentals

One in five holidays is now taken in privately owned accommodation as the ‘DIY holiday’ market continues to build.
To reflect this growing market a new website has been launched to assist second home owners fill vacant weeks. Inspired by ebay’s online auction business model aims to connect homeowners and property managers with holidaymakers looking for a bargain.
“Sellers can avoid the long, tedious process of some other holiday rental websites,” managing director Keely Capel told OPP. “Our online auction works in real time, uploads are instant and open the door to qualified buyers.”
“More buyers mean more competition and better value for sellers who can control the process, setting terms of sale and minimum prices.”
The site has been met with a cautious welcome from the holiday rental industry. Ross Elder, co-founder and MD of said, “ has entered our industry with a fresh & innovative perspective which is to be respected, however the challenge for them and other smaller new entrants will be to offer the consumers a sufficient level of choice, security and general user satisfaction that they expect and receive from larger, established marketplaces.
“Their journey will be tough but, if successful, extremely exciting and fulfilling - as ours has been over the last 10 years at Holiday Lettings.”
A fee of 8% of the final sale price (5% for members) is charged for each listing.